As a new skincare brand, we strive to develop innovative, effective and affordable skincare for our customers. With a focus on improving the overall health, texture and appearance of skin, our products target the major signs of aging.


ATAL was founded in 2014 with the philosophy ‘prevention is better than cure’, which led the team to develop an affordable skincare range that targets the causes of aging skin. Collaborating with a cosmetic chemist and team, ATAL has access to category-leading ingredient research. By merging this scientific research with natural and organic ingredients ATAL aims to develop some of the most innovative skin care available to help enhance the integrity of your skin. ‘We make skincare easy for our customers -many people don’t have time to carry out a complex skin routine during the working week, so ours is perfect for a hectic lifestyle.’ All our products are made without the use of harmful ingredients such as Parabens and we do not support animal testing. Although the word ATAL has no dictionary meaning, we love the fact that the letters stand for ‘Aim Towards A healthy Lifestyle’ – take a balanced approach to health and look after your skin too!'